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The facilities section provides information in terms of infrastructure, in-house learning, development programs, and network and security etc.


At ProXel, we have state-of-the-art infrastructure and best-of-breed technology. Our delivery centers have both operational and recreational space. We employ the best of systems and software for our employees. The delivery centers have conference rooms, where our employees meet and brainstorm about new ideas and strategies. We also have well-equipped training halls, for inductions and to conduct on-going training for our teams. We sponsor our employees for attending the conferences, training programs, and learning latest technologies and processes.

Network and Security

We have 24/7 security personnel surveillance system. All our employees use access cards to enter our premises. We also have access control devices and monitoring systems in place to restrict un-authorized entry into our centers. At ProXel, we ensure that our employees are adequately trained and completely aware of our security system. All our employees are legally bound by our confidentiality agreements. Our operational systems ensure that data security is adequately addressed by technology-driven detections systems. To ensure total security, we have ensured that our systems do not have external drives. This ensures that no data can be copied.

At ProXel, we believe that prevention is the best precaution. We include all measures to ensure the prevention of a security breach. In the unlikely case of a security breach, we ensure quick detection and provide a quick recovery and remedial action to the situation.



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