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  The Challenge  
  A leading data provider for financial services information converted their CD-based product to a web-based application creating a need for them to keep their data updated daily instead of quarterly. They required additional staff within a limited budget to meet this demand.  
  The new positions created were difficult to staff and retain due to educational requirement and tedious nature of the job. ProXel Solutions was able to hire six staff members in less than a month and retained the majority of that staff for over four years. With our help, our client was able to release a more robust product with more data and at a higher quality.  
  The ProXel Advantage  
  After the initial process was established, ProXel Solutions recognized inefficiencies in our client receiving information to update the data. Our experienced staff created a tool to pull documents from the SEC’s Edgar database so that data updates would be identified sooner. We helped our client improve the time it took to conduct their annual data audit by three months time span, despite a 100% increase in data.  
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