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At Proxel, fast paced growth is the only way ahead. We recognize individuals’ contributions; both at the engineering and operational levels, and our transparent processes and systems make sure that credit is given where it is due. We also have a practice of rewarding super achievers, either through out of turn promotions, or monetary incentives, ESOPs or even the annual Outstanding Employee Award.

Career growth at Proxel is fairly well defined, keeping in mind that engineers need to see a change and growth to be competitive enough to face the growing challenges.

  We have an environment of open communications. We believe in the free flow of information vertically as well as horizontally, regardless of rank or power, so that everyone has access to the most complete data to make competitive decisions. The work environment here is very transparent, where individuals are motivated and encouraged to contribute, and where each thought is valued and factored in making decisions.  
  We operate with honesty and integrity. Reliability is one of the key attributes. We have build and perform as a team, and on the basis of these principles we achieve execution of the company’s business objectives.  




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