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MF Data & Analytics

MF Data & Analytics

Portfolion Tracker
Plan 529 Data & Analytics

This product provides immediate access to exhaustive fund information at one place. The product includes information on fees expenses, breakpoint, purchases, withdrawals and redemption, portfolio managers, fund holdings as key information along with optional access to OnDemand Docs.


  Key Features  
bullet icon Data is sourced from latest SEC-compliant documents.
bullet icon Covers an exhaustive list of data items for each fund.
bullet icon Customized and easy fund selection.
bullet icon Have flexibility to compare up to 5 funds on customizable parameters.
bullet icon Regular data updates.
bullet icon Class comparison flexibility.
bullet icon

Data delivery as fact sheets, daily data feed and mapping with existing fund definitions for seamless data feed.


bullet icon

It facilitates in-depth research on almost all major funds and their sub-classes .

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It facilitates user to compare various fund schemes on a host of parameters.

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The regular update of the database enables quick and accurate distribution of fund information.


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