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OnDemand Docs

OnDemand Docs

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This product offers or helps improvise access to electronic prospectus and related reports services. Online investors or prospects can immediately retrieve, view, and act on information, that is mostly available only in a printed format.

OnDemand Docs download SEC filings from secured SEC-compliant database on a daily basis, processes the data, creates documents from filings, and links these documents to respective mutual funds.



  Utilizing the electronic, SEC-compliant data warehouse, OnDemand Docs can provide both pre-sale and post-sale materials to meet the informational needs of today's shareholders and intermediaries. Most apparent benefits OnDemand Docs can provide through online delivery of documents are reduced expenses, satisfying compliance regulations and shorten the distribution process.  
  Key Features  
bullet icon Prospectuses and reports are sourced directly from documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, ensuring the accuracy of the information.
bullet icon Our document database can be customized to display only those funds for which a firm has a selling agreement.
bullet icon Document can be integrated via a direct link from client’s web site, immediately connecting online investors or prospects to information at the moment the investment decision is made.
bullet icon Each document is presented in a standard format, including links to any relevant Statements of Additional Information, Annual Report and Semi-Annual Report.
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With our intelligent delivery, various options of document display mode viz. text, word, PDF, HTML can be explored.


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OnDemand Docs information helps the financial intermediaries and investors in making wise investment decisions.

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Researchers and scholars need the exhaustive data to come up with analysis and results, for which OnDemand Docs would prove to be a great help.

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Issuers can also be benefited from the direct access to the systematic repository of their own documents. For launching new products, the document repository can act as a catalyst in studying existing similar product data.


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