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Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Tracker

Plan 529 Data & Analytics
  This product is build over the relationships between individual investment security, mutual funds and Investment Management Company. The investment securities mainly include common stocks among others like municipal bonds, treasury bonds, corporate bonds and money market securities.  
  The product provides in depth analysis and offers research capabilities for investment professionals to conduct holdings' studies, historical research, investments behavior of fund managers etc.  
  Key Features  
bullet icon Data is sourced from compliant SEC filings.
bullet icon Has ability to drill down till individual companies.
bullet icon Data is mapped with commercial securities identifiers such as tickers and CUSIPs.
bullet icon Has exhaustive capability of research; for example
Tracking investments holdings for various funds in specific companies.
Tracking pattern of holdings in specific companies.
Analyzing investment strategies of key categories of funds.
Generating reports of portfolio changes for funds.
Comparing portfolio changes across funds
bullet icon

Has flexibility for customized reporting.


bullet icon

Allows investments professional to perform in-depth analysis for holdings' studies, thus facilitates them in smart investments decision makings.

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Customized reporting tools helps investors see the quick and clear picture of various return of investments.


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