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  ProXel extends its business services to organizations in different verticals. These services facilitate you to maximize your organizational growth while driving down the internal cost of operations. Outsourcing your Business Services would lead overall improvements in efficiency, quality, customer service, and speed-to-market resulting in cost reduction and revenue maximization. We include following type of services under this category:  
  Advisory or Consulting Services  
  ProXel’s advisory and consulting services cater to different verticals like Banking and Finance industry, Consumer Goods, Travel & Hospitality, and Telecommunication etc. Our services would help you to take decisive action on business plan, business model, organization structure, mission, goals & objectives etc.  
  Planning and Strategy Formation  
  Outsourcing your Planning and Strategy Services would help you to decide the line of action for future to achieve the goals and objectives set for the business. We provide long-term growth by improving business performances and maximizing revenue. Our team of professionals would explore each and every internal and external factor, future threats & opportunities, organization’s strengths and weaknesses; and accordingly match the goals & objectives.  
  Business Intelligence  
  Business Intelligence services helps you gain sustainable competitive advantage and valuable core competence by using the high level of statistical tools and software’s, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Data Warehousing (DW), Decision Support Systems (DSS), and Executive Information Systems (EIS).  
  Competitive Intelligence  
  Under Competitive Intelligence, ProXel would find out your competitors, their plan of action, influence of their pricing and business strategies, marketing strategies, and influence of their product etc. ProXel performs competitive intelligence for the evaluation and analysis of the individual strengths and weaknesses of its clients’ business against its competitors. This would help you renovate your strategies and plan of action.  
  Benchmarking and Performance Management  
  Benchmarking and Performance Management process check performance of your processes as well as products in comparison to industry standards. This requires collection and analysis of historical data of industry, and setting the process or product benchmarks on basis of leading companies’ performance or industry trends. New methodologies and standards are set to achieve the organization’s goals & objectives and maximize revenue.  
  Benefits Administration  
  ProXel’s benefits administration services improves administrative efficiency of organizations and allows Human Resources department to concentrate on developing and maintaining an effective workforce. Services which are included under this are namely Web Enrollment for Multiple Locations, Premium Reconciliation, Welfare/Fringe Benefit Plans, Reimbursement Account Administration, billing production and distribution, employee transaction reporting, payroll interface and a bilingual administrator help desk.  
  Supply Chain Management  
  ProXel’s Supply Chain Management service will help you manage inventory, finances, sales and purchases efficiently. This is enabled by synchronizing the demand and supply process with primary goals of reducing inventory, increase the transition speed (from raw material to semi-finished goods to finished goods) by exchanging data in real-time, and increase sales by implementing customer requirements efficiently.  
  Value Chain Analysis  
  Value Chain Analysis is an important activity to increase the performance and competitive strength of customer. Activities performed in every business can be categorized into primary and support activities. ProXel helps you to identify the primary activities which directly affect your business as well as the support activities which do the value addition in business. We perform analysis of each activity and assist you to add value to the activities which are having competitive disadvantage. We would also help you to decide about which of the non-core activities can be outsourced to get better result with cost advantage and revenue maximization.  
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