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  ProXel’s team of qualified engineers having experience in different engineering streams is capable of assisting its clients in New Product Design and Development, Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, and Technology Publications & illustration etc. ProXel’s engineering design services helps its clients in reducing cost and getting global standard product concept. Our team of innovative and smart members would help your business to grow exponentially by offering world class design, features, and functions etc. in addition to get your products introduced to market faster than that of competitors. Following is the range of engineering design services offered by ProXel.  
  ProXel provides computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing/ computer-aided engineering services to draw, design and draft graphically to manufacture products. With the use of CAD/CAM/CAE software, an engineer can use the computer system both for designing a product and for controlling manufacturing processes. ProXel team provides these services for the design of industrial products and in the area of architecture.  
  ProXel performs the Prototyping process as an essential part of the system design process for quickly placing a working model (a prototype) in order to test various aspects of a design, point out views or features and collect early user opinion. Prototyping helps our clients to reduce project risk and cost. Prototyping is a process of continuous improvement in performance of previous designs, to remove and correct the problems or deficiencies in design. Sufficiently refined prototype which meets the functionality, robustness, manufacturability and other design goals, leads to the production of a product.  
  Reverse Engineering  
  Reverse engineering (RE) helps to discover the technological principles of a mechanical application through analysis of its structure, function and operation. ProXel’s domain experts first analyze and measure the specific product (e.g., a mechanical device, an electronic component, a software program) and find out its workings in detail. Usually Reverse Engineering is performed to construct a new product or program that does the same thing without actually copying anything from the original.  
  Product Design and Development  
  ProXel’s team of engineers and industrial design experts would help you design and develop new product according to your preference as well as new market trend. We help at each step of design and development of new product like idea generation, designing, working process, prototyping, testing, utilities, looks & features, and production process of product etc. Our product design and development services would enable you to reduce cost to be incurred in innovating, designing and manufacturing of a product; and also help to reduce the time of new product launch in market.  
  Mechanical Design and Analysis  
  Mechanical Design and Analysis, encompassing many interrelated discipline, is the foundation of mechanical engineering. ProXel engineers offer solutions to all of clients’ problems whether are related to solids, fluids, or gases; or intangibles such as heat flow, noise, or shock and vibration. Calling upon a range of disciplines and using a variety of engineering tools, our team of experts would assist you for problems raised before the fact (design), during the fact (construction) or after the fact (failure analysis) or whatever combination of these.  
  Embedded Systems and Electronics  
  ProXel team comprises of in depth knowledge and expertise in Embedded Systems & Electronics. Embedded System is a special-purpose system, usually with very specific requirements, in which the computer is completely encapsulated by the device it controls and performs pre-defined tasks. Since the system is dedicated to a specific task, design engineers can optimize it, reducing the size and cost of the product. We are expert in developing embedded and real time software for various domains, including Multimedia, Automotive, Networking, Telecom and Wireless. We specialize in Systems Design, Custom Software Development, Firmware, and Driver Development.  
  Program Management and Logistics  
  ProXel team of experts, whose ultimate focus is attaining the clients’ goals, manages a project or projects from concept through completion. Program management is the process of managing multiple on going projects which includes the activities e.g. planning, monitoring, and reporting of ongoing activities, cost/schedule tracking, clerical, other administrative support etc. Our team has the ability and resources to define, plan, implement, and integrate every aspect of the complete program. Our Program Management and Logistics services also emphasize on coordinating and prioritizing resources across projects, departments, and entities to insure that resource contention is managed from a global focus.  
  Virtual Simulation  
  Virtual Simulation is computerized, 3-D replication of a real-world object or event. ProXel team of specialist engineers, with the help of simulation, addresses a wide spectrum of issues related to product design, development and manufacturing. In addition to traditional objectives of reduced product development cycle time and enhanced product quality, Simulation also deals with safety, regulatory standards and a host of other issues. Modern technology has made virtual simulation a more cost-effective and time efficient solution by shortening the product development cycle.  
  Technical Publications and Illustration  
  ProXel’s seasoned, well experienced technical illustrators work closely with its clients to develop Technical Illustrations that will best enhance the documentation that is the core of clients’ business. We offer professional technical publication and illustration services including technical writing, validating, editing, proofreading, scanning, and illustrating for paper production or electronic media. Also the high end graphics, solid models or color renderings etc. can be include according to best for your needs. Operating Manuals, Organizational and Intermediate Maintenance Manuals, Wiring Data Manuals, Illustrated Parts Breakdown Manuals, Training Manuals etc. are made according to clients’ requirement.  
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