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  ProXel’s Knowledge Services division enables you to outsource your data management, research, analysis, or content development related tasks which need trained resources. Our team of seasoned and skilled researchers, analysts, engineers etc. is having diversified industry exposure which enables us to offer knowledge services in verticals like Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Travel & Hospitality, and Telecommunication, etc.  
  Industry Research  
  ProXel offers ad-hoc and standard analysis of number of industry verticals. Our staff having experience in diversified industry sectors conduct research in industry verticals like Financial & Banking Services, Insurance, Mortgage & Brokerage, Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, Utilities, Telecommunication, Real Estate, Automotives, FMCG and Consumer Durables and many more. The research includes among others the Industry trends, SWOT analysis, competitive factors, pricing factors, and demand-supply ratio etc.  
  Market Research and Analytics  
  Market Research and analysis is an integral part of any business planning and strategy formulation. This is one critical activity to be performed by any business to find out its niche market, trends in the market, market segments, which segment to tap and many more. Our team of professionals is loaded with experience in collection of data through secondary or online research, analyzing the information, presentation of vital facts and giving the base to its clients for strategy formulation to achieve the business goals and objectives.  
  Sales and Marketing Analytics  
  ProXel offers precise, insightful and actionable information based on research and analysis that drives sales, product, and marketing strategies. ProXel team of researchers and analysts having extensive sales & marketing experience in different industries gives comprehensive knowledge to its clients about customers, markets, products, competitors & their strategies, and effectiveness of clients’ own sales and marketing strategies.  
  Equity and Fixed Income Research  
  ProXel offers Equity & Fixed Income Research services which include both sell-side or buy-side equity research to find the possible investments (e.g. mutual funds, hedge funds) without exposing its clients to undue risk. Our research extends into financial models, valuation models, data collection, analysis & predictive modeling, and preparation or reports etc.  
  Operations Research  
  The Operations Research services are aimed at facilitating customers to achieve their goals and objectives with little cost and time consumed in operations with better operational models based on latest mathematical approaches and using latest software.  
  Customer Analytics (Consumer Behavior Analysis)  
  Success of every business depends upon its customers. ProXel’s Customer Analytic’s services aim to inform you about your target customers, their buying behavior, factors influencing their buying decisions, competitor’s offerings, price influence on customer and many more. We evaluate the customer conditions and trends relative to particular product & service with the help of online surveys, customer feedback systems, customer satisfaction measurement, basket analysis etc.  
  Data Management and Data Mining  
  Each enterprise has large amount of data and managing this to extract significant information from this data is absolutely necessary. ProXel Data Management & Data Mining services integrate high level of technology, software and security measures coupled with artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, database management and data visualization etc. to find out the data models, patterns and useful facts to be used in business decisions.  
  Content Management  
  ProXel’s Content Management services help in organizing and developing certain documents like white papers, collaterals, technical papers, end user docs (Product Manuals, Sales Guide etc.) and e-learning content, website content etc.  
  E-Learning and Publishing Solutions  
  ProXel has a team of expert software engineers, project managers, visual designers, content developers and animators etc. to provide the state of art e-learning solutions to you. Our services include multi disciplines of e-learning services like class-room training, CDs, website content, online tutorials, FAQs, E-books, and White Papers etc. ProXel also publish Online Reports, Newsletters, Promotional Emails, Corporate Brochures and Collaterals etc.  
  Report Writing  
  ProXel team is exposed to latest data, information and events happening in industry with experience in data collection, analysis, deriving facts and then presentation of findings in proper report formats. We offer customized reports related with business and industry which would help you in taking key business decisions as well as defining strategy and planning.  
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