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ProXel Solutions offers high-end business process outsourcing.  We understand that each company has its own set of challenges; hence we believe that there is no cookie cutter approach to outsourcing your business processes.  Our service offerings are completely customized to meet your specific requirement. We can fill your sourcing needs for almost any job that can be enabled by a computer.


We also understand that deciding to send work overseas is not an easy one to make especially if you have never done it before.  We specialize in listening to and understanding your needs to first determine if you can benefit from outsourcing.  Then we take you through a step by step process to ensure that you realize the benefits of your outsourcing experience as quickly as possible.


ProXel Solutions has access to talent and experience in a vast array of fields and industries.  We recruit, interview and hire the talent that best fits your cultural philosophy and meets your educational and experience requirements.


ProXel’s approach to outsourcing your process

Step 1 Identify process(es) to be outsourced.
Step 2

Create job description and define resource profile.

Step 3

Outline current practice/process.

Step 4 Outline new processes with offshore team and identify communication, software and hardware needs.
Step 5

Set up pilot program to test processes and overall operation.

Step 6 ProXel recruits, interviews and hires outsourced staff.
Step 7 Train staff to perform the tasks through the established processes.
Step 8

Monitor Delivery and Process Improvement.

  Following are the services provided by ProXel (please click to see services)  
bullet Transaction Processing
bullet Annuities & Mutual Fund Transactions
bullet Investment Banking Operations (Merger & Acquisition)
bullet Financial Planning & Accounting
bullet Financial Advisory
bullet Securities Trading Back office processing
bullet Taxation & Auditing
bullet Fund accounting
Quantitative Analytics & Modeling
Market Research & Analytics
Sales & Marketing Analytics
Investment Research
Equity and Fixed Income Research
Industry Research
Operations Research
Customer Analytics (Consumer Behavior Analysis)
Data Management & Data Mining
Content Management
E-Learning & Publishing Solutions
Report Writing
Advisory or Consulting Services
Planning and Strategy Formation
Business Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence
Benchmarking and Performance Management
Benefits Administration
Supply Chain Management
Value Chain Analysis
Reverse Engineering
Product Design & Development
Mechanical Design & Analysis
Embedded Systems & Electronics
Program Management & Logistics
Virtual Simulation
Technical Publications & Illustration
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