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Processes & Approach
Outsourcing FAQs

What is outsourcing?

  Outsourcing means, shifting or delegating a company's day to day operations or business processes to an external service provider; it is done in anticipation of better quality, lower rates and in a sense getting an edge over one's competitors.  
  Who should outsource?  
  Almost all companies from small office, to small and medium scale industries to major large scale industries can take advantage of outsourcing.  
  Where to outsource?  
  Identifying outsourcing destination plays the most important role in deciding its effectiveness. Now there are several destinations to outsource like China, India, Philippines, South Africa, Mexico, Ireland etc. Out of these options India emerges as the perfect destination for any kind of IT enabled outsourcing.  
  Why outsource to India?  
India has an abundance of computer literate manpower with English as their first language. Indian universities produce 85,000 graduates per year and enjoy a strong reputation in the global business community.
Highly cost effective as compared to western countries, by outsourcing to India an organization can save as much as 40-50% percent of costs compared to what it would cost in the western countries thus allowing an organization a great competitive edge.
The cost of qualified personnel being lower in India than the western countries is attracting several offshore partners to make investments in India.
The time zone difference between India and US can be used to advantage for providing quick turnaround time. While the US sleeps, India works, and vice-versa. This effectively gives a 24 hour working environment.
India administers one of the largest telecom networks in Asia with 24.3 million telephone lines expanding @ more than 20% per annum and 123,000 route kilometers of fiber optic cable network. Over 8000 VSATs are installed all over the country by various service providers, private users and Government agencies.
  What are the advantages of outsourcing?  
Reduced costs – Your Company can save over 50% on salary and benefits for outsourced employees.
Improved processes – Implementing an outsourcing plan makes you take a hard look at your current practices. Outsourcing companies excel in process improvement so you can realize the benefits as soon as possible.
Round the clock operation – Soon after you turn off your lights in your office, your outsourced team is turning on theirs. While you sleep your team is working for you.
Better performance measures – Companies typically look closer at the performance measures of outsourced resources to make sure they are experiencing the full benefits. In addition, outsourcing companies perform similar measurements to make sure they are supplying their clients with the quality and efficiency they demand.
Large pool of resources – Outsourcing can provide you a large pool of highly skilled and educated talent to help you fill positions that you find tough to fill and keep.
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