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  ProXel Solutions inherits its philosophy from its parent company, Impetus Technologies.  
  We believe in its core analytical and process expertise strength and our ability to question the routine processes with technology concepts, to help consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions to its clients.  
  ProXel’s Knowledge - Innovation - Technology (K-I-T) philosophy provides a base for the company's execution of its work activities, and underpins the deliveries of complex processes.  
  We believe that our knowledge and competence is a key differentiator. Our faith in our expertise enables new thinking and develops new approaches to solve a given technical challenge.  
  Through our focus on research, innovation, and experimentation, we develop novel and creative ideas that help envision better and superior solutions.  
  Our thorough and consistent focus on available and emerging technology options, and the ability to apply them in unique and innovative modes, makes our solutions even more enhanced and optimal.  
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