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  Processes & Approach
Processes & Approach
Outsourcing FAQs
  We specialize in process migration and have a considerable amount of experience in the exercise of transitioning. A process migration can take 6-12 months, as apart from issues like security and control, we would also like to ensure efficiency in execution, understanding of processes, availability of skills, a requisite knowledge base and quality of personnel.  
  We have experience in meeting and surpassing the quality and cost expectations of our clients at all levels. These are defined and detailed in Service Level Agreements that we enter into with them.  
  We create strategic value through outsourcing by creatively examining the process and looking for ways to improve efficiency in which it is performed. Thus, we not only take on the responsibility of the function or business process, but also look for opportunities to make your operation more efficient. This might include either putting in new technology to accomplish the process, or applying the existing technology in a new way to improve the process.  
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